World Bank (in partnership with Shape History) — LGBTI Fact Sheets

ClientShape History, on behalf of The World Bank — a global partnership working towards sustainable solutions that reduce poverty in developing countries.

Brief: Develop copy for a set of Fact Sheets, highlighting LGBTI discrimination and rights within specific Western Balkan countries. 

Process: Working in partnership with the project designer, our goal was to draw from collected data and illustrate these facts succinctly, to enable local activists to gain an understanding of the level of LGBTI discrimination in these countries at a glance.

Institute of Fundraising: Fundraising Convention — Brand Guidelines

Client:  The Institute of Fundraising— the professional membership body for UK fundraising.

Brief: Create concise copy for the December 2017 Fundraising Convention Brand Guidelines.

Process: Working with graphic and website designer Hot Creative, I developed concise, instructional copy in keeping with former guidelines — to accompany graphics, explaining how the branding for this event was to be used for best practice.

Castlerigg Manor Youth Retreat — Website information architecture and copywriting

Client: Castlerigg Manor — charity based, residential youth retreat based in Keswick, UK. 

Brief: Develop information architecture and copy for the client's website redesign. 

Process: Working alongside the website's designer, our goal was to ensure a content-led site which would facilitate both the client's business goals and the website user's needs.

We assessed the existing content and pages of the website, in order to understand what belonged where — and how we could best structure the content to make sense to the user.

Starting with what would form our three core pages: Youth, Leaders and Parents, and using the Core Model technique, we identified the content essential for each.

From headlines to body copy and button microcopy, I strived to create ‘one voice’ for the site — one voice that was transferable to parents, group leaders and youths — and created a theme of Castlerigg as a place of 'discovery' to capture the excitement and vibrancy of the retreat.

Read our full case study report here.

Alternative Therapy Guide — Website design and copywriting

Client: Alternative Therapy Guide — a holistic and natural therapy consultancy, based in Manchester, UK. 

Brief: Create a new website and website copy for the client.

Process:Working closely with the business owner, I developed a site with a calm and spacious aesthetic, using high-res, banner images pertaining to nature, with bright and colourful hues, to evoke a tone of hope, resolution and good health — all things which the client's potential customer would be seeking.

With mobile-viewing in mind, I used immersive, parallax scrolling to draw the viewer in, and a simple, clean interface that would allow the content to stand out. Trying to avoid large, overwhelming walls of text, I created a home page with concise copy and call-to-action buttons which invite the user to delve deeper into the site to discover further information.

Retreat House Chester — Artist impressions


Client: Retreat House Chester — charity, hosting events and non-residential retreat house in Chester, UK.

Brief: Artist impressions in A3 pencil, ink and watercolour for use at promotional events.

Process: The client sought quirky ink and watercolour representations of how rooms within their finished Retreat House might appear. Using a combination of mediums, including ink, watercolour paint and Photoshop, and with the guidance of pre-renovation photographs and other stylistic impressions the client liked, I created five original A3 artist impressions which were subsequently used at events and on the client's website.

First Choice Lighting — Blog Articles

Client: First Choice Lighting — Online, UK Lighting Retailer

Brief: Twice a month, contribute articles on prescribed topics for the company's online blog.

Process: As part of a team of writers, not all the articles featured on the live First Choice blog are my own. However, I've tried to showcase a flavour of those which are, in the selection of screenshots above.